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Preserve The Gaviota Coast - Santa Barbara

Preserve The Gaviota Coast - Santa Barbara

Protect the Gaviota coast from development.

The Gaviota Coast in Santa Barbara County, California, lies between Coal Oil Point in Goleta and Point Sal near Lompoc, and includes the coastal watersheds from the top of the ridge to the ocean. The coastal Mediterranean ecosystems of the world are among the world's most threatened environments. The Gaviota Coast is the largest intact remnant of such an environment in the United States.

The Santa Barbara Chapter is a member of the Naples Coalition, a group of local environmental organizations that since 2000 has been working to ensure there is no development south of Highway 101, and to move all development at the adjacent property, Naples, to an inland portion out of the viewshed. The long-term goal is to protect the Gaviota coastline between the City of Goleta and Gaviota from any future development.