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About SB Surfrider

About the Surfrider Santa Barbara Chapter
The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit environmental organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s oceans, waves, and beaches for all people, through conservation, activism, research, and education.

Please check out our Chapter Issues and attend our next meeting for our current happenings. If you enjoy the ocean, help us protect it by GETTING INVOLVED!

A Short History of Local Activism
Surfrider foundation was founded in 1984 and our Santa Barbara Chapter was started in 1990 by Bob Keats, Keith Zandona, and others.

We successfully opposed the Isla Vista Seawall.

We successfully opposed the development of a 269 foot long rock revetment at Campus point, although the pump house expansion was approved.

We successfully appealed the Goleta Beach rock revetment emergency placement in 1999 and it was ordered removed; however, two years later the county again claimed an emergency and re-installed the rocks which are currently permitted under an emergency permit pending the DEIR.

We continue to oppose this hardscaping approach to protecting the park in favor of a more natural approach that will both save the park and protect the beach.

We successfully opposed the construction of a golf course at the former ARCO site on the Gaviota Coast and we are in negotiations with the current owners, the Makar development corporation, to preserve the site in perpetuity.

We have been members of the Naples Coalition for the past four years. In that capacity we are working to reduce, restrict or eliminate the massive development planned at Santa Barbara and Dos Pueblos ranches on the Gaviota Coast.

We were the first group to do “storm drain stenciling” in Santa Barbara. This involves stenciling storm drains with something that says “Don’t Dump Drains to Ocean.” For years we would do that with paint supplied by the city of SB until finally the city took on the responsibility itself.

We donated $1000 to the Carpinteria bluffs, $1000 dollars to the Arroyo Honda preservation effort, and $1000 to the “Save Ellwood” campaign. We also helped spread the word about all of those projects.

We have submitted written testimony or letters of support on virtually every ocean water quality or coastal development or access issue that has come before any local agency. Examples: We supported HTO’s Rincon Sewer project with letters to the Carpinteria sanitary district, a letter of support to Supervisor Firestone regarding the Arroyo Honda Steelhead recovery program, and a letter of support for increased funding of the county’s Storm Water management Program,etc.

Archive of Activism
Read a 1999 SB Independent article on activist Bob Keats and his journey to save Gaviota: